Andy Hathaway: Fly Fishing

Andy Hathaway, Fly Fishing Tuition small logo Andy Hathaway, Fly Fishing Tuition, Fishing rod and line forming the shape of a fish


All types of single and double handed casting:

Roll based casts

  • Basic roll cast
  • Jump roll or switch
  • Single spey
  • Double spey
  • Snake roll
  • Snap T (or C or Z)
  • Skagit

Overhead casts

  • Basic overhead cast
  • Shooting line
  • Single haul
  • Double haul
  • Reach cast
  • Reach mend
  • General mends
  • Curve casts
    (over and underpowered)
  • Slack line casts
    (wiggle, parachute and similar)

Fault finding included:

  • Constant tangles and tailing loops? Cured
  • Yards of distance added
  • Wrist, elbow and/or shoulder problems?
    Modified methods recommended
  • Accuracy improved

START FLY FISHING at WalthamstowLink to top

One day for groups who want to learn the basics of fly fishing.

  1. Equipment overview:
    An examination of the appropriate tackle
  2. Trout diet and fly choice
  3. How to cast – the key skill
  4. Tying the relevant knots
  5. The essence of presentation (the retrieve)
  6. How to play and land a fish
  7. Plenty of actual fishing

All gear is supplied.