Andy Hathaway: Fly Fishing

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All types of single and double handed casting:

Roll based casts

  • Basic roll cast
  • Jump roll or switch
  • Single spey
  • Double spey
  • Snake roll
  • Snap T (or C or Z)
  • Skagit

Overhead casts

  • Basic overhead cast
  • Shooting line
  • Single haul
  • Double haul
  • Reach cast
  • Reach mend
  • General mends
  • Curve casts
    (over and underpowered)
  • Slack line casts
    (wiggle, parachute and similar)

Fault finding included:

  • Constant tangles and tailing loops? Cured
  • Yards of distance added
  • Wrist, elbow and/or shoulder problems?
    Modified methods recommended
  • Accuracy improved

GUIDED DAYS at WalthamstowLink to top

A completely tailor-made day where we cover whatever is most relevant to you. The emphasis is on fishing, but we usually begin with casting practice.

Booking page prices are for Walthamstow only.
Other fisheries available by arrangement. Please contact me for a price.

START FLY FISHING at WalthamstowLink to top

One day for groups who want to learn the basics of fly fishing.

  1. Equipment overview:
    An examination of the appropriate tackle
  2. Trout diet and fly choice
  3. How to cast – the key skill
  4. Tying the relevant knots
  5. The essence of presentation (the retrieve)
  6. How to play and land a fish
  7. Plenty of actual fishing

All gear is supplied.